Monday, November 17, 2008


Here's your weekly helping of Idaho tunes... starting off with some monster rockers from Caustic Resin. one of my personal favorite boise bands of all time. If you are new to the Hard Math radio show and curious about any of the bands, do a search on this blog for more info (most bands are linked to their webpages... or those of subsequent musical projects). You can also email me here with any inquiries and I'll do my best to answer any questions or point you in the right direction. Thanks to the many great musicians who have shared tunes with me, both new and old.

Caustic Resin - “Mysteries Of...”
Caustic Resin - “Hold Your Head Up”
Falldowns - “Big Lake”
Finn Riggins - “Geology”
Treepeople - “Liquid Boy”
Flycatcher - “Strong Chin”
Dirt Fishermen - “Vena Cava”
Fury III - “D.D.N.D.I.A.V.”
The Zekes - “Be My Test Tube Baby”
Gusto - “3rd Degree”
Bock - “After the War”
Crogan - “Terrible Shoes”
Built to Spill - “Hazy”
Freak in a Jar - “Locust Bean Gum”
Graveltruck - “Love and Boredom”
Lowbelly - “Motel West Virginia”
Butterfly Train - “Decompression”
Central Boise Library - “The Saddest Thing”
el Dopamine - “eXtension”
Booth Sitter - “Those Are Not Real Monsters, Just Robot Parts”
The Very Most - “Polygraph”
Dirt Fishermen - “Tongue in a Bag”
G. America - “Helicopter”
Black Happy - “Such Much Suck”
Godzounds - “Jobromofoho”
The Invasion - “Evinrude”
Narcissus Isthmus - “Army Murders on Beta”
Brandon Follet - “Unreleased 13”
Hillfolk Noir - “I'll Dig Through My Marbles”
A Man Called Sun - “The Traveller”

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