Monday, November 3, 2008

11-05-08 playlist - GO VOTE!

Happy Election Day!

This week's show has one introduction... another Boise band featuring both a Nelson and a Netson: LA Knots. This young garage-punk duo features Tuck Nelson on vocals and guitar and Demmi Netson on drums. They are young, they are scrappy and their new cd can be purchased in the local section at the Record Exchange. Get it and play it loud.

Brandon Follet - “Unreleased 12”
Finn Riggins - “a president, a pacifist, an auto restorer”
Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive - “croatian soundboard”
Treepeople - “Every Time When I Fall Down & My Head Hits The Floor Hard”
Black Happy - “One Fine Automobile”
Freak in a Jar - “Thrash Song”
La Knots - “The Tangles”
Stuntman - “The Feminist”
Flycatcher - “State 8”
Dirt Fishermen - “Pelmen”
Morningly - “111 n 11th St”
Kris Doty - “Anyway”
Halo Benders - “Rebel's Got a Hole in It”
Monster Dudes - “{Star}”
Bonefish Sam and His Power Orchestra - “Bonefish Wedding March”
Butterfly Train - “Grey”
Lovey - “Richie Pants”
Hillfolk Noir - “The Great Grizzly Bear Scare”
Bock - “The Infection”
Built to Spill - “Sick and Wrong”
Gusto - “Get in to this”
Dirtboy - “Leaps & Bounds”
The Treatment - “Grudge”
G. America - “Space is Old”
Plumb Bob - “Russian Wanted”
Low-Fi - “Goin' On”
fourgirldrive - “Try It”
25 Wheeler - “Lemonhead”
Narcissus Isthmus - “Ring For The Pilot Tree”
Geyser - “DUI”
Raspberry - “Think About It”
The Very Most - “Profoundly Imperfect”
Caustic Resin - “Spinedog-Re”

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