Monday, July 20, 2009

7-21-09 playlist

I'm pleased to introduce a fun find this week... Ketchum, Idaho's Young People With Faces. I was looking at the "local" section of my local record store and found a nice digipack with a grainy black & white photo of some teenagers (1 earnest boy and three girls) with their band name spray painted pink behind them. The sticker on the shrink wrap, also 80's pink, states their mission:

“Young People With Faces are four 17 year olds from a tiny Idaho town, entranced by the culture shattering sounds that emanated from such sonic temples as Hollywood's Masque, London's Roxy and Manhattan's CBGBs a full decade before they were born.”

“Ihateyou” is pretty straightforward punk with bassist Matt Mayhem playing a pretty poppy, tame bassline, but guitarist Simone Kastner is shredding like she belongs in a noisy Brooklyn band or the Wavves... rad. Not to overlook the casual cool of singer Sophia Dilley and amped-up drummer Alice Bynum. The producer is listed as Steve Bynum... Alice's dad? Older brother? The one that got these kids into all the 70's punk? Fun.

“Car Sides” - Central Boise Library
“IHateYou” - Young People With Faces
“Dry and Confused” - Black Happy
“Golden Age” - ReVoLtReVoLt
“LIght as a Feather” - Flycatcher
“The Devil” - Stuntman
“Lovelorn Robot” - Spondee
“I Like Robots Unit” - Gordie Howe Trio Unit
“Hide and Find Out” - Treepeople
“Rose Magic” - Lovey
“Sod Off” - The Very Most
“Some Amazing Mistake” - The Suffocation Keep
“Modern Man” - Ian Waters
“Baby” - Kris Doty
“Kicked It In The Sun” - Built To Spill
“Brother” - Le Fleur
“Fun & Games With Sylvia” - Dirt Fishermen
“monorail” - Narcissus Isthmus
“snakes” - Juntura
“Enough” - Caustic Resin
“Boy Named Dog” - Fury III
“life left dear” - One Fantastic Bind
“Worst Hunting Dog Ever, Pt 1” - Gusto
“Emperor Of San Francisco” - The Invasion
“Where You Are” - Low-Fi
“Sinkhole” - 25 Wheeler
“Baby Please Believe Me” - Pete Holly And The Looks
“My Brother Pat” - Raspberry
“Cannons and Daggers” - La Knots
“boddering” - el Dopamine
“Hot burrito one” - G. America
“The Diggin' Song” - Hillfolk Noir
“Carlos” - Morningly
“Gone” - Doug Martsch

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hey friends in Idaho and elsewhere... sorry for my lack of intro text on this blog this summer. I haven't added many new bands for a few weeks, but I'm digging up some new/old stuff and some of our favorite locals like Finn Riggins and ReVoLtReVoLt will have new records in the fall. Rumor has it that their is a new record in the can from Scott Schmalljohn and The Hand, you'll hear it here soon. Thanks for listening and thanks to all the supporters of the show and the station, check the the programming schedule out for lots of other great shows.

“Like A Storm Cloud On A Sunny Day” - A Seasonal Disguise
“Twilight In Toronto” - Caustic Resin
“Robert Marshall Long” - Stuntman
“Stay Another Day” - Spondee
“Bona Fide Regret” - The Suffocation Keep
“Astrological Charts” - Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive
“Head Full of Stars” - Bock
“Track 4” - Piso Mojado
“Out Of A Dream” - Pete Holly
“Ola Odessa” - The Blue Flames
“January Keys” - Juntura
“A Footnote To History” - Thomas Paul
“Changing Me” - The Very Most
“Loving Pauper (Dobby Dobson)” - Boise Cover Band
“december, '94” - decoy decoy
“Boot Straps” - Treepeople
“The Tangles” - La Knots
“Ginger” - Bovalexia
“Vertigo” - Universal
“Don't Try” - Built To Spill
“Plaster Ears” -  el Dopamine
“Pannin for Gold” - Finn Riggins
“Hot Carl” - Discoma
“You and Your Sister” - G. America
“Track No. 9” - Netson Family
“Orange Marmalade” - Clock
“Whiskey Jack's Ass Inspired Thought” - Veronica & the Mental Foreplays
“Drag King” - Geyser
“Desert Fruit” - Doublewide
“Swanful Nothings” - Splinter
“Hearts and Stars” - Crogan
“Perpetually Burned” - Dirt Fishermen
“Tomorrow” - Tuck Nelson
“9" Dirtboy” - Dirtboy
“I-84” - State of Confusion

Sunday, July 5, 2009

7-7-09 playlist

“We Live Too Long” - Netson Family
“Mollican” - Juntura
“Cumulous Could…Thunderhead” - Godzoundz (this may not have loaded - sad face)
“Mick Mars always wears a hat” - Lowbelly
“Game Face” - Stuntman
“Yukon and You” - The Yukon and You
“Twelve” - Magnetics
“Untrustable Part 2 (About Someone Else)” - Built To Spill
“Leaves And Limbs” - Narcissus Isthmus
“Right” - Kid Corduroy
“Goin' On” - Low-Fi
“Girl” - Raspberry
“Liars And Thieves” - The Invasion
“The Great Cover-Up” - Fury III
“Calling Off The Dogs” - Caustic Resin
“Size of a Quarter ” - Treepeople
“Spiritual Music Recorded at a Persian Snowman ” - Plumb Bob
“Moving Picture” - A Seasonal Disguise
“Tons To Regret” - Tuck Nelson
“Jet Boy Jet Girl” - Haggis
“Devil City Destiny” - The Halo Benders
“Sugarbuzz” - The Treatment
“Greenwich” - Dirt Fishermen
“The Only Pretty Ring Time” - The Very Most
“The Nile Song” - Central Boise Library
“Variety” - Splinter
“Unwind” - Freak In A Jar
“Working Title” - Clock
“title unknown” - The Pugs