Monday, March 23, 2009

3.24.09 playlist

Hello Idaho rock fans! Thanks for checking out Hard Math Radio and remember to check out other cool programing on Radio Boise. My playlists are used as filler  between shows and overnight... so tune in if you're up late. New to the show this week are some old Boise bands Doublewide and Humorgod. Doublewide was band started by Caustic Resin bassist Tom Romich and his sister Angela Romich... their fuzzy pop goodness made them a favorite of mine during their active years. Members from Doublewide went on to form The Treatment, Gladness, Tommy Dirtweed, The Universal and ReVoLtReVoLt (I think there was a Bovalexia member and others in their for awhile, too). I have an ep of theirs, but frontwoman extraordinaire Angela gave me a disc with some new takes and new songs recorded with former Boisean Todd Dunnigan. I don't know too much about Humorgod, but I think they were around for quite awhile in the later 1990's and early 00's with different line-ups. The band is fronted by singer/guitarist Andy A who is no stranger to the show having played in Haggis and Eightball Break in addition to production credits on our favorite cd's by The Universal and Low-Fi (admittedly this is just a sliver of Andy's resume as a musician and producer at his Project 7 studios). Andy's current band is Demoni... we'll get some of their tracks on here eventually, in the meantime check them out.

“SF Policeman Blues” - Stone Garden
“Important Things” - Treepeople
“Distorted” - Humorgod
“Detective Dan” - Gusto
“Relapse” - Doublewide
“Pipeline” - The Pugs
“Raygun” - Pete Holly
“All Alone” - Bock
“Home” - Black Happy
“Killing Floor” - Magnetics
“Center Of The Universe” - Built To Spill
“Capitalism's A Fake Smile” - Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive
“Lucky Me” - G. America
“Romantic Dysfuntion” - Central Boise Library
“Girlfriend” - Dirt Fishermen
“life left dear” - One Fantastic Bind
“Ginger” - Bovalexia
“Psychopathic Killer” - The Skulldiggers
“Bubble Burster” - Freak In A Jar
“Noise” - Kid Corduroy
“Shoemaker-Levy 9” - Haggis
“Belief” - Butterfly Train
“Sweeney” - The Hand
“Caroline” - Splinter
“Water Moccasin” - Caustic Resin
“Tired” - eL Dopamine
“kiss it better” - Decoy Decoy
“We All Know” - Godzoundz
“Planned Obsolescence” - The Halo Benders
“The New Rules” - The Invasion
“Good Enough” - Stuntman
“Pop Your Socks Off” - Spondee
“a day” - Narcissus Isthmus
“Bitterender” - fourgirldrive
“Nature Poop” - Lowbelly

Sunday, March 15, 2009

3.17.09 playlist

“Over My Head” - Godzoundz
“Track 3” - Piso Mojado
“Wrong” - Gusto
“Number Two” - Brett Nelson
“Some Say She's Evil” - Spondee
“The KKK Took My Baby Away” - Tuck Nelson
“Apartment Walls” - Pete Holly
“Man Made Soul” - Ian Waters
“Let Me Get This Straight” - Central Boise Library
“all the lilacs in Ohio” - Lowbelly
“Half Step” - Caustic Resin
“Who Are You-nit” - Gordie Howe Trio Unit
“Electric Chair” - Eightball Break
“On The L” - Clock
“Big Lake” - Falldowns
“Mederclinch” - Dirtboy
“Skylab” - Flycatcher
“tail chaser ”- eL Dopamine
“Flying” - Finn Riggins
“Trailer Park” - Treepeople
“Caflywompus” - Splinter
“turn me on mr. tambourine man” - Lovey
“War” - Low-Fi
“Cool Car” - H is for Hector
“Horse Sense” - Dirt Fishermen
“Orange2” - Discoma
“Love makes you fee”l - G. America
“Pokey” - Raspberry
“South” - Racing Vent
“Euphio Question” - Fury III
“Nighttime Theater” - Stuntman
“I Try” (Macy Gray Cover) - Built To Spill
“Caught Up in Your Breakdown” - Juan Fangio

Monday, March 9, 2009

3-10-09 playlist

Hello city of cold naked trees! New to the show this week are recent east-Idaho-to-Boise transplants Spondee. I first saw these guys play at VaC before Christmas and they turned in a set of exuberant, boyish pop capped off with a nice cover of The Very Most's “Sod Off”. It's charming to see a young band pay homage to Mr. Jeremy Jensen and co. with the cover and with their basic sound... kind of reminds me of another young band from years back called The Yukon and You fronted by the same Jeremy and proudly wearing their influences (from Boise and elsewhere) on their sleeves. Spondee front man Clint Vickery sent me a handful of tracks and “Lovelorn Robot” has been a favorite at the Hard Math Cave this week. Fun band and they seem to be playing shows pretty regularly in addition to prepping their debut record... Watch out for them. I can't help adding that a certain local rock veteran remarked that Spondee Clint looked like “Matt Damon’s love child.” Now I can’t shake that association... but it's certainly not a bad thing for a young band to have a frontman who looks like a moviestar. * We also have a track from a mysterious mid-1990's Olympia, WA band called decoy decoy... turns out this band accounts for some of Brian Mayer’s wanderlust between his time in classic Boise band H is for Hector and his current outfit, mayerforceone... good stuff. Birthday wishes go out to Universal guitarist Phil Merrell this week.

Lovey - “Sepentina”
Pete Holly - “Bustin' Out”
Spondee - “Lovelorn Robot”
Built to Spill - “Else”
Morningly - “They Call Me Yo”
eL Dopamine - “Boddering”
Central Boise Library - “That Ain't Bad”
decoy decoy - “december, '94”
Flycatcher - “Weather King”
Size of Alaska - “Dollar Store Duct Tape”
Freak In A Jar - “The 'Dee' Remix”
Ticks - “TV's On”
Kid Corduroy - “Probably”
Kris Doty - “Eggs”
The Hand - “An Excuse”
Graveltruck - “If I Had”
The Invasion - “The Government”
Geyser - “Horace Dropped the Needle”
Lowbelly - “weightlifer”
Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive - “Fly Thru Dark”
Splinter - “Not This Time”
Bock - “Head Full of Stars”
Butterfly Train - “Memory Of”
Discoma - “Tiny Legs”
Septic Death - “Child”
Magnetics - “Wish I Was Cool”
The Halo Benders - “Foggy Bottom”
Crogan - “Put Down”
G. America - “Secret Remix”
Le Fleur - “Silver and Gold”
Hillfolk Noir - “Belly Up to the Sun”
The Very Most - “What I Think I'd Like to Leave Here”

Sunday, March 1, 2009

3-03-09 playlist

This week kicks off with some unearthed eL Dopamine from a 1996 recording session in Seattle. Thank you, John O. Other than that I'll let the tunes do the talking this week.

eL Dopamine - “Plaster Ears”
The Unicorn Feather - “The Old Man and the Young Man”
Finn Riggins - “Hraka”
Stuntman - “The Devil”
Falldowns - “Belt Loop”
Eightball Break - “My Shell”
La Knots - “New Age Social Pads”
State of Confusion - “Windows”
Fury III - “Autumn Leaves”
fourgirldrive - “Girl”
The Treatment - “Night Life”
The Left Coast - “Courting Like a Mexican”
Lowbelly - “Minokichi meets the snow maiden”
Butterfly Train - “Disgruntled Pony Ride”
Ian Waters - “Eighteen”
Gordie Howe Trio Unit - “Nag Unit”
Bock - “Dead by Christmas”
Royball - “Chub”
Dirt Fishermen - “Scuba Diver”
Low-Fi - “Overtime”
Jeremy From Boise - “Quilt”
The Invasion - “The Madness”
Treepeople - “Big Mouth Strikes Again”
25 Wheeler - “Frankie”
G. America - “Hot burrito two”
The Blue Flames - “555”
Splinter - “Whatever”
Black Happy - “A. Bedini”
Built to Spill - “Allen the Cowboy” (Big Dipper live at the Crocodile)
The Zekes - “Let's Have a Party”
Size of Alaska - “Working Man”
The Halo Benders - “Volume Mode”
Caustic Resin - “A Fistful of Violence”
The Pugs - “Shudder, Shake and Squirm”
Central Boise Library - “Eyes on the Prize”
The Very Most - “Neuron”
The Hand - “Understand”
With Child - “You”
Geyser - “Swell”