Sunday, March 1, 2009

3-03-09 playlist

This week kicks off with some unearthed eL Dopamine from a 1996 recording session in Seattle. Thank you, John O. Other than that I'll let the tunes do the talking this week.

eL Dopamine - “Plaster Ears”
The Unicorn Feather - “The Old Man and the Young Man”
Finn Riggins - “Hraka”
Stuntman - “The Devil”
Falldowns - “Belt Loop”
Eightball Break - “My Shell”
La Knots - “New Age Social Pads”
State of Confusion - “Windows”
Fury III - “Autumn Leaves”
fourgirldrive - “Girl”
The Treatment - “Night Life”
The Left Coast - “Courting Like a Mexican”
Lowbelly - “Minokichi meets the snow maiden”
Butterfly Train - “Disgruntled Pony Ride”
Ian Waters - “Eighteen”
Gordie Howe Trio Unit - “Nag Unit”
Bock - “Dead by Christmas”
Royball - “Chub”
Dirt Fishermen - “Scuba Diver”
Low-Fi - “Overtime”
Jeremy From Boise - “Quilt”
The Invasion - “The Madness”
Treepeople - “Big Mouth Strikes Again”
25 Wheeler - “Frankie”
G. America - “Hot burrito two”
The Blue Flames - “555”
Splinter - “Whatever”
Black Happy - “A. Bedini”
Built to Spill - “Allen the Cowboy” (Big Dipper live at the Crocodile)
The Zekes - “Let's Have a Party”
Size of Alaska - “Working Man”
The Halo Benders - “Volume Mode”
Caustic Resin - “A Fistful of Violence”
The Pugs - “Shudder, Shake and Squirm”
Central Boise Library - “Eyes on the Prize”
The Very Most - “Neuron”
The Hand - “Understand”
With Child - “You”
Geyser - “Swell”

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John O said...

Thank you for this show, and the work you do for Boise music.