Monday, February 23, 2009

2-24-09 playlist

Rotating Tongues:2 was a roaring success this weekend and a reminder that Boise has as many or more vital bands than it has at any other point. I saw many new bands for the first time like ATTN, Nollifur and Juntura who I hope to get into the mix soon. It was cool to see the older guys who had been on the original comp rock as hard as young kids like La Knots (who's set the first night ruled). Self proclaimed “elder statesman” of the scene John O'Neil led his eL Dopamine through a blistering set the first night that set the bar high for the rock the followed both nights. I don't want to mention too many more things because the bands and the performances were uniformly awesome. What does this have to do with my radio show you ask? Well, this weekend reaffirmed the need for a show like mine and locally programmed community radio in general... With so many great artists playing original music in the valley there needs to be as many venues as possible for their music to get heard and create excitement about their performances.

This week’s show has one new-to-us band, an old Boise punk/new wave band called The Ticks. The tracks were sent to me by someone and Mr. Bonefish Sam confirmed that it was a Boise 7" release. Enjoy!

Haggis - “Falling Squirrels”
Dirt Fishermen - “In Your Heaven”
Magnetics - “Caravine”
Clock - “Red Letters”
Stuntman - “8 Women & 2 to 3 Men”
Bovalexia - “Manipulator”
The Halo Benders - “Do That Thing”
Ticks - “Fodomat”
Black Happy - “Black Radio”
Bonefish Sam and His Orchestra - “Cheap Gear Jam”
Central Boise Library - “Truth’s Revealed”
The Invasion - “The Law”
Narcissus Isthmus - “Land Station”
Brett Nelson - “Years Too Late At Least For Now”
Raspberry - “Euro K Nothing”
Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive - “Shooting Star”
Built to Spill - “Sidewalk”
Godzoundz - “From the Last Page”
Finn Riggins - “Geology”
Lowbelly - “line of automobiles”
Pete Holly and the Looks - “What Did I Say?”
Doug Martsch - “Window”
G. America - “These Hands”
Splinter - “Scene Report”
Lovey - “complaint #3”
Dirtboy - “Bus Stop”
Treepeople - “Cartoon Brew”
Septic Death - “Thaw (Cold World)”
Caustic Resin - “Cancerous Eye”
Kid Corduroy - “Thin”
Juan Fangio - “Underground”
Veronica and the Mental Foreplays - “World's Sex REcord, 300 Men & Jerry Springer”
A Man Called Sun - “(Reprise)”
The Very Most - “Friendly Friend”
Flycatcher - “Caught Up”
25 Wheeler - “Roger’s Gone”

Sunday, February 15, 2009

02-17-09 playlist

Hey everybody... It's Rotating Tongues:2 week and this show is packed full of the artists who will be appearing at the event this weekend (and a few from the original compilation). Hope you can make it to VaC in Garden City on  Friday, Febrauary 20th and Saturday, February 21st for two nights of brand new music from some of Boise's most exciting artists. This week I also ask the question: Which is the best 2 minute 38 second contemporary Boise pop song, The Very Most's ”Dodged Ev’ry Bullet, Pt 1” or Central City Music Company's “Lorie”? I’m quite smitten with both.

Finn Riggins - “Box Elder”
ReVoLtReVoLt - “Farewell Address”
Bone Flower - “1600 Miles”
Treepeople - “Something Vicious for Tomorrow”
La Knots - “Spring Song”
With Child - “High On a Rocky Ledge”
Low-Fi - “Where You Are”
Magnetics - “Rotten Sunday”
Dirt Fisherman - “Hole Song”
Bonefish Sam and His Power Orchestra - “Dumb Cute Ditty”
Crogan - “Silver Scooter”
The Very Most - “Dodged Ev're Bullet, Pt 1”
Discoma - “Cubed”
Netson Family - “God is Wrong”
Hillfolk Noir - “Born A Balladeer”
Doug Martsch - “Instrumental”
Geyser - “I Again”
Central City Music Company - “Lorie”
Kris Doty - “Pivot”
Le Fleur - “Grooming Song”
Caustic Resin - “Drive #49”
eL Dopamine - “Canvas”
Ian Waters - “The Radio Drown”
Butterfly Train - “Blame Weight”
Universal - “Dead Battery Accident”
Hive - “Butterfly”
Built to Spill - “Now & Then”
Freak in a Jar - “Crack Down”
mayerforceone - “shadowboxing”

Monday, February 9, 2009

2-10-09 playlist

Splinter - “After All”
Red Set- “In This State”
Built to Spill - “Linus and Lucy”
La Knots - “Commie Song”
Black Happy - “Up the Faith”
Dirt Fishermen - “Breakin' Bones”
Shack Nasty - “Down”
Eightball Break - “Parenthetical Love Song For Janeane Garofolo”
With Child - “Don't Want None”
Discoma - “My Every Nerve”
Caustic Resin - “I Feel”
Lovey - “miss k.”
Stone Garden - “SF Policeman Blues”
Falldowns - “Trench Broom”
G. America - “Fake Love”
The Halo Benders - “Love Travels Faster”
Hillfolk Noir - “Preface to a Hole”
Clock - “A Man and His Dream”
Haggis - “Don't Tell Me”
Septic Death - “Control”
Bovalexia - “Backwards”
Fury III - “First Kiss”
Le Fleur - “Ceramic Dog”
Treepeople - “Gre”
H is for Hector- “Rock Sniper”
Gordie Howe Trio Unit - “Buglas Unit”
Magnetics - “Choke it Down”
Central Boise Library - “The Ballad of Angela Davis”
The Suffocation Keep - “An Overload”
Finn Riggins - “DeTamble Wings”
The Hand - “No Sleep”
Low-Fi - “Broken Compass”
The Very Most - “The Word "Almost" ”
Kid Corduroy - “Layaway”
State of Confusion - “Trashed”
Royball - “Blow”
Bonefish Sam & His Power Orchestra - “Over Here”

Monday, February 2, 2009

2-03-09 Playlist

This list is a little longer than my allotted time, so the last couple of tracks might get cut off... sorry. Last week the Stone Garden song didn't play and I want to make sure enough time was filled in case it happened again. Enjoy.

Caustic Resin - “People Fall Down”
Low-Fi - “1957”
The Blue Flames - “Electric Car”
Finn Riggins - “Pannin' for Gold”
Godzounds - “Yellow and Read”
Treepeople - “Treepeople”
Chris Bock - “Connie”
Ian Waters - “Come Back”
Crogan - “Put Down”
Juan Fangio - “I Won't Compromise You”
The Halo Benders - “Bombshelter, Pt. 1”
Dirtboy - “Pacer X”
Grant Ave - “Dress”
The Treatment - “Mr. Goodbar”
Flycatcher - “Weather King”
Lowbelly - “alpha twelve”
Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive - “Oh Yeah!”
Central Boise Library - “Start Transmission”
The Skulldiggers - “Werewolf”
Mayerforceone - “Angels”
Geyser - “Save It”
Boise Cover Band - “I Love You More” (Lee Williams and the Cymbals cover
Pete Holly - “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”
Kris Doty - “Lemonade”
Dirt Fishermen - “If I Could”
Butterfly Train - “Distorted, Retarded, Peculiar”
el Dopamine - “Faded”
Gordie Howe Trio Unit - “His Hands Are Made of Fire”
Stone Garden - “Oceans Inside Me”
Built to Spill - “Easy Way”
Netson Family - “Title TBD”
Discoma - “Wetslap”
Size of Alaska - “Danger”