Monday, February 9, 2009

2-10-09 playlist

Splinter - “After All”
Red Set- “In This State”
Built to Spill - “Linus and Lucy”
La Knots - “Commie Song”
Black Happy - “Up the Faith”
Dirt Fishermen - “Breakin' Bones”
Shack Nasty - “Down”
Eightball Break - “Parenthetical Love Song For Janeane Garofolo”
With Child - “Don't Want None”
Discoma - “My Every Nerve”
Caustic Resin - “I Feel”
Lovey - “miss k.”
Stone Garden - “SF Policeman Blues”
Falldowns - “Trench Broom”
G. America - “Fake Love”
The Halo Benders - “Love Travels Faster”
Hillfolk Noir - “Preface to a Hole”
Clock - “A Man and His Dream”
Haggis - “Don't Tell Me”
Septic Death - “Control”
Bovalexia - “Backwards”
Fury III - “First Kiss”
Le Fleur - “Ceramic Dog”
Treepeople - “Gre”
H is for Hector- “Rock Sniper”
Gordie Howe Trio Unit - “Buglas Unit”
Magnetics - “Choke it Down”
Central Boise Library - “The Ballad of Angela Davis”
The Suffocation Keep - “An Overload”
Finn Riggins - “DeTamble Wings”
The Hand - “No Sleep”
Low-Fi - “Broken Compass”
The Very Most - “The Word "Almost" ”
Kid Corduroy - “Layaway”
State of Confusion - “Trashed”
Royball - “Blow”
Bonefish Sam & His Power Orchestra - “Over Here”

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