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8-26-08 Playlist

Sorry for the late playlist! We have a few new appearances this week, they will be noted as they appear:

Veronica and the Mental Foreplays - “First Corinthians 13:13”

A poem with a great bass line... Brandon Follet is the voice that drives this spoken-word band and his pal Josh added bass. I think they eventually had a couple more members. Brandon is a poetry slam champ and world traveler who thankfully has documented his peculiar take on the word in word, song and video. Hungry? Click Here.

Built to Spill - “Randy Described Eternity”
Grant Ave. - “Life Smiles Back”
The Very Most - “Sweet Job”
Raspberry - “Pokey”
The Suffocation Keep - “Rocket Thousand”
Lovey - “Without You”
Treepeople - “Feed Me”
Splinter - “Post Falls”
Geyser - “Drag King”
Graveltruck - “Graveltruck”
Ian Waters - “Modern Man”

Solo material from the singer/guitarist of Kid Corduroy, I don't have a link. But I heard a rumor that Ian is working on new recordings with some of those wizardly folks in the Universal camp.

The Halo Benders - “Don't Touch My Bikini”
System and Station - “Factory”
The Invasion - “Emperor of San Francisco”
Bonefish Sam and His Power Orchestra - “Dumb Cute Ditty”
Caustic Resin - “Nice Wings”
Falldowns - “Big Lake”
Shamus - “Beating”
Gordie Howe Trio Unit - “Trio Unit Jacob Unit”

This is a compilation track from Coming in Second's Big Trouble in River City. I don't know much about the Trio Unit except that, I think Bug and Ben Clapp from the Adversives were involved and their singer went by Shane Insane. I saw them once or twice and it seems like Glenn from the Dirt Fisherman drummed, but I could be wrong. Sorry for my general lack of knowledge on the more hardcore side of the scene. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed a good Torn Anus show at the House of Rock as much as any red-blooded American.

Lowbelly - “Scattered Posts”
Dirt Fisherman - “Used To”
Treepeople - “Prostitute”
Glow - “Lottery”

Fuzzy cassette track from an old Lewiston band. They once played the Crazy Horse and the bassist stayed on the floor of my BSU dorm room. Nothing happened, I swear. But later on I had a threeway zine publishing gig with him and his girlfriend. Glow's main singer dudes are now Seattle rockers in The Lights and The Valley. I love Glow's wall of guitar static ... this track is from one of those classic 5-song cassettes with xeroxed cover art... Recorded at a studio on Spokane I believe.

Gusto - “Stand on the Girl”
Bock - “Head Full of Stars”
The Unicorn Feather - “Autumn Air”
Clock - “Photopathic”
Stuntman - “Car Crash”
The Universal - “Dead Battery Accident”
Caustic Resin - “Worm Wood”
Low-Fi - “1957”
Black Happy - “The New One”

Monday, August 18, 2008

8-19-08 playlist

Hi. Thanks for tuning in for WEEK III. There were a few new bands in the mix this week like Hillfolk Noir and fourgirldrive... I'll introduce them as they appear.

The Yukon and You - “Alien Girl”

Early Jeremy Jensen (The Very Most) band active in the mid-90's, featuring Jensen on guitar and vocals, wife Sarin Jensen on bass and Josh Royter on drums.

The Suffocation Keep - “Some Sad Song”

Low-Fi - “Where You Are”

Chris Bock - “Connie”

Hillfolk Noir - “Samantha Evans”

This band is led by Travis Ward who has played around Boise for several years refining his boxcar blues as Travis Ward and the Junkyard Bandstand. Hillfolk Noir features Ward on guitar and vocals, wife Alison Ward on  "cocktail kit” and vocals, Sam Merrick (Juan Fangio, Hive, Nymphs) on baritone guitar and vocals and Mike Waite (el Dopamine, Lowbelly) on stand-up bass.

Caustic Resin - “Cable”

Boneflower - “1600 Miles”

Yet another inclusion from the Screemin’ Fez Rotating Tongues comp... which I don't have in front of me, but I know this band featured ex-Dirt Fisherman David Grapp on guitar/vocals and local photographer/longtime Neurolux bartender Rick Kosarich on bass. This is the only track I have by this band... not sure if more exist.

Flycatcher - “Light as a Feather”

This mid-90's Moscow band features Craig Chambers on guitar/vocals and Jeff Albertson on bass/vocals... the duo moved to Boise and formed The Left Coast before mutating into The Lights in Seattle.

Le Fleur - “Truce”

Fury III - “Boy Named Dog”

Morningly - “In a purple shoebox”

I may have seen these guys perform an opening spot somewhere along the way, but only recently picked up their disc. (I highly recommend checking out the local used section at the RX for great steals on many of the cd's featured on this show). I figured you can't go wrong with something on the Fort Hazel label and I was right... This was my favorite song on first listen.

fourgirldrive - “Country Jail”

More For Hazel alumni. fourgirldrive was a band led by Gina Gregerson between her time in Dirt Fisherman and Lovey... though not quite as focused or tight as either of those bands, fourgirldrive were always fun to listen to and watch. Gregerson played guitar and shared vocal duties with bassist Patty Payton and second guitarist Heather Ganz. I can't remember the name of the girl who played drums here, but their earlier incarnation as Simple featured Fury III’s Tristan Andreas.

Crogan - “Put Down”

Stuntman - “Nose Dive”

Splinter - “Cows Over Tokyo”

Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive - “The Day She Died”

Black Happy - “Up the Faith”

Treepeople - “Wasted on You”

El Dopamine - “Tied Hands”

25 Wheeler - “Duped”

Central Boise Library - “Cousin Martha”

Discoma - “Just the Eyes”

The Left Coast - “I Want to Hurt Someone”

Narcissus Isthmus - “Shelbyville”

Shack Nasty - “Down”

This Lewiston, ID-Clarkston, WA band from the early 1990's featured singer/bassist Dan Beloit and drummer Jim Laws... 2/3 of Seattle's The Valley. Catch them at Bumbershoot at the end of this month if you are up North.

Butterfly Train - “What's Falling About”

Kris Doty - “Idaho Skies”

Jeremy from Boise - “Quilt”

This Boise Jeremy would be Jeremy Miller of Fury III, Lowbelly, Monster Dudes and the Fort Hazel record label. This great little tune garnered one of my favorite bits of Idaho Statesman criticism: “Harmless, but mildly disturbing" - a phrase that applies to some of the music columns run in that paper over the years. Jeremy from Boise previously recored under the Bukowski-inspired moniker, a Radio with Guts. Jeremy also has a great show on KBSU 730 AM (Sunday Noon in the Boise area)... it is also available each week as a podcast: There Are Millions

The Unicorn Feather - “Turn Up The Love”

Brett Netson Family - “God is Wrong”

Some BRAND NEW material from Brett Netson (Caustic Resin, Built to Spill, Reversion). I'm not sure of the personnel, but I think David Grapp (see Boneflower above) helped out. Thanks to Dave and Kelly B. for sharing.

The Treatment - “Longest Night”

The Invasion - “The Interview and The Arguement”

Bovalexia - “Kabuki”

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Playlist 08-12-08

Thank You, friends. I know it isn't easy to remember to listen to an internet radio show, but I appreciate those of you who have made the effort and/or sent words of support. I knew there was at least a few people out there who'd be into hearing some of the Idaho music that proves there's more to this state than horny Senators in airport bathrooms. A little less introduction text on the playlist this week, but band names are clickable links to their myspace or web pages or to a newer band that features key members.

The Universal - "Beware the Sun"

This Boise band is active and plays out quite a bit... catch them opening for pals Built to Spill at the end of the month at the Knitting Factory. The Universal have been around for a few years, but their members are have been in plenty of Boise bands Godzounds, Luscious Fuzz, Size of Alaska, Ion, Doublewide, Me and My Ego, The Hand, etc. Those member are: Pat Perkins (drums, vocals), Matt Perkins (bass), Lawrence Van Bishop (guitar, vocals) and Phil Merrell (guitars).

Butterfly Train - "Bitter Like This"

This is my favorite Butterfly Train song from their 3-piece era with vocalist Brett Nelson sharing bass duties with Forrest Orr and forsaking the six-string altogether (Tim Harris drums). This is also my favorite track from my favorite Boise comp Rotating Tongues on the Screemin' Fez label.

Dirt Fishermen - "I Will Wait"

Great track from the Dirt Fisherman's second full length, Vena Cava, on Seattle's CZ Records.

Dirtboy - "27"

Yet another band with Mike Rundle (currently of Low-Fi) on drums. When I first saw/heard Dirtboy I was in a big indie rock phase and they seemed a bit scuzzy and conventional, but I gave this a listen recently and it reminds me of some of the early NW grunge stuff... they'd be comfortable on a bill with Tad for sure. The rockers are: Rundle, Greg Eslinger (vocals), Jeff Brewer (bass) and Marc Frisk (guitar). This is from Monster Truck Showdown on the Screemin' Fez and Silence record labels.

Gusto - "Worst Hunting Dog Ever, Pt. 1"

Gusto was active in the late 1990's. Led by vocalist/guitarist Tim Willis (ex-Felt Neighbor), Gusto cranked out some great indie pop during their run. Willis is backed by Ryan Davis (guitar) and Mike Stivers (bass) - who played in H is for Hector together and many other bands separately - and Steve Hall (drums).

Shamus - "Thank You"

Coming at you from a dusty old self-released cassette is some pop-punk goodness from Lewiston's Shamus featuring Doug Osbourne (guitar, vocals) and future Seattle rockstars Jeff Albertson (bass, vocals) and Dave Welker (drums), from The Lights and Man the Guns, respectively.

The Very Most - "Dodged Ev'ry Bullet, Pt. 1"

Some candy for your ears. Anybody who's followed Jeremy Jensen's development from The Yukon and You, Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive and The Very Most won't be surprised that he's writing nearly effortless pop songs these days.

Grant Ave. - "Summer's Been Easier Since I Shaved"

An ex-girlfriend and I used to argue about the merit's of Grant Olsen's voice. She felt that he was a talented musician, but really needed to enlist the services of better singer. I always argued that it would be ridiculous for Grant to have someone else sing HIS songs. I can't imagine this moving, unlikely epic with any other voice at the helm. This is the last track on Grant Ave's Bright Yellow and The Life Smiles Back album.

Kris Doty - "Lately"

Kris Doty has earned her reputation as one of Boise's finest (and hardest) working singer-songwriters with steady gigs and a great album, Smoke in the Mirror. Her backing band includes Built to Spill cellist John McMahon (guitar, bass, cello), Kid Corduroy's Ian Waters (guitar) and Louie Simon (drums).

Crogan - "Silver Scooter"

This Raspberry sideband was shortlived, but Scott Garred borrowed the title of this song when he relocated from Moscow to Austin and started playing as Silver Scooter. This band featured Raspberry's Tom Hudson on drums and upper-Idaho allstar Jeff Albertson on bass.

Low-Fi - "Paper Airplanes"

Each time I listen to the debut CD by Low-Fi I like it more. Their name hints at classic 1990's indie-rock influences and the album, Where You Are, has bits NW indie, but the clean guitars and strong melodies remind me of a lot of classic pre-alternative college rock. Low-Fi are Todd Sloan (guitar, vocals), Josh Gilmore (bass) and Mike Rundle (drums). Check em out.

The Halo Benders - "Blank Equation"

Basement punk with a little gravitas... Calvin Johnson plays Sonny to Doug Martsch's Cher, no, not really...

This track is from Pajama Party's pitchforkmedia reviewed Building a Building. Find PPIAHH mastermind Elijah Jensen playing as With Child.

Geyser - "Meow"

The sound of a toystore on acid? Nobody knows much about this Bonefish Sam character except that he lives among the hillfolk and rides and scooter. Oh and he has a myspace page, too.

Stuntman - "Slaves"

Classic from the first self-titled Stuntman debut.

Lowbelly - "Spy Theme II"

What began as a side-project by the Fury III/Fort Hazel guys eventually outlasted that band and put out a handful of cd's with various line-ups. Named after the dog on Gumby? I hope so. I assumed Lowbelly was still going, but Jeremy Miller tells me that his co-hort Tristan is in Belgium.

A goofy take on a local classic (I mean goofy in the best possible way). I think this was meant for some sort of Treepeople tribute that may or may not have happened... I for one support more keyboard interpretations of classic Treepeople songs.

Raspberry - "My Brother Pat"

If you ever find a 7" single in the record store bin with a big red Raspberry on it, get it for me because I'm convinced that mine will eventually wear out. The red vinyl record can barely contain the propulsive pop in the grooves as a bassist Shawn and guitarist Scott weld a couple of different songs/vocals together and play them as if they were in a sprint. Easily one of my favorite Idaho singles of all time.

Speaking of my favorite Idaho singles of all time... I got the Car/Girl 7" the summer before I moved to Boise and literally played it over and over again. A perfect summer song that was among a handful of singles BTS recorded in Olympia, WA after their first record that announced their pop phase... a brief period in their history that helped influenced a whole indie movement.

Kid Corduroy - "Make Believe"

This song got cut-off last week, sorry guys. See last week's playlist for info.

Lovey - "Rose Magic"

I loved this song enough to spend several months working on an animated video for it, so I'm a little biased...

Racing Vent - "South"

When local drummer Ryan Heise stepped out to front a band the music that sprung forth was some of the heaviest, dynamic music on the scene at the time (Sunny Day Real Estate and the vocal style of Jeremy Enigk were an obvious touchstone). Heise shared guitar and vocal duties with Palmer Cloud and their contrasting vocal styles were a signature of the band. They had a pretty aggro rhythm section with bassist Pete and ex-Butterfly Train drummer Tim Harris. After Racing Vent Heise went on to form System and Station and their current Portland, OR incarnation features Cloud on guitar.

Godzounds - "Icicles"

This was transfered inexpertly from an old cassette, please excuse the fidelity, but I felt that Godzounds needed to make an appearance this week. I remember seeing these guys alongside a bunch of fellow confused underagers at The Dreamwalker (aka Teenstalker) around 1994 or 1995. These guys were pretty freaky... it took me a few shows to figure out what I thought of them, but I figured out that they were playing the coolest, fucked-up rock this side of Caustic Resin (whom singer/guitarist Pat Perkins was the original drummer for). Perkins was joined by brother Matt on bass, Ron Thomas (StumbleBlind) on drums and a couple of different guitarists.

Treepeople - "Filter"

A classic Scott Schmaljon Treepeople track from Something Vicious For Tomorrow, the Treepeople's first ep for CZ Records which was recorded by legendary NW producer Steve Fisk.

Hive - "Butterfly"

This is another track from the Rotating Tongues comp. This band featured Treepeople's Pat Brown on vocals and guitar, Anna Fell (Lovey, Pop Tart) on vocals and bass, 

Falldowns - "Trench Broom"

Drummer Andy Capps sings lead on this track from Falldown's "Trafalgar"

H is for Hector - "Rock Sniper"

Again, excuse the fidelity, but I had to include a classic track by Brian Mayer's H is for Hector... 

Plumb Bob - "Midnight Blue"

The Unicorn Feather - "Math Rock"

Another track cut off last week. Obvious contender for Hard Math Radio theme song. See also Pajama Party and With Child.

The Left Coast - "Predating the Existence of Cancer"

The flipside to the "What? Nothing But Black?" single I played last week. GOOD SHIT. See also The Lights.

Caustic Resin - "Station Wagon"

And to play us out today, one of my favorite Caustic Resin songs, the closer to their Fly Me to the Moon record on UP Records. Singer Brett Netson once told the story of this song from the stage... apparently it is about riding shotgun in a station wagon down Chinden with a driver on a meth-binge with cops in pursuit... “There ain't no easy way to die.”

Feel free to correct or enlighten me on any of the above... that's what the “comments” are for.

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08-07-08 playlist (delayed DEBUT!)

So here's this week's playlist. I don't plan to always do this much explaining, but since the show is new and some of you will be new to some of the bands I've included a bit of info about the tracks and links to bands or band member websites when available. (NOTE: this isn't definitive, just some random notes... sometime I'll mention other bands a person has been in, the reality is that most local musicians have been in many bands and I don't know everybody's complete history).

NOTE: Sorry for the glitches this week... thanks to those who listened. The last few songs were cut off, so we'll make sure to include the tracks by The Unicorn Feather, Kid Corduroy and Halo Benders toward the beginning next week!

Stuntman - "Esquincles"

GREAT old Boise band active in the mid-90's. After recording a final album as the Treepeople, Scott Schmaljohn (the last Treeperson standing) and John Polle (Pullman, WA import) headed from Seattle to Boise and built Stuntman from the ground up with Boise go-to drummer Mike Rundle and another Pullman pal, Sean Lennon. Stuntman borrowed some of the energy and the idea of intense guitar interplay from Treepeople, but carved their own niche as one of the most intense indie guitar bands of the late 90's. But after a couple albums on minor indie labels the band splintered into separate projects and 3/4 of the band left Boise. Scott now plays with Boise bands The Hand and Gladness, John fronts Tuscon's Solace Bros., Sean plays in San Fran's Off Campus and Mike is back in Boise playing with Low-Fi. This song is from their final and appropriately titled 1996 lp, The American Fadeout. The album was dedicated to recently fallen Replacement Bob Stinson which pretty much sums it all up.

Raspberry - "Twin"

This Moscow band was a favorite of mine around the time I moved to Boise in 1994. This song was on a 7" with 3 other bands. Lewiston/Clarkston's Sugar Daddies and Purr, and Spokane's Motherload. Singer Scott Garred and drummer Tom later started playing more acoustic indie pop as Crogan before moving to Austin, TX and having success as Silver Scooter. Scott began recording solo material as Super XX Man and now lives in Portland, OR playing with a band of the same name.

Splinter - "Mangle Me"

I only saw this band once or twice and didn't hear the bulk of their recording until after singer/drummer Andy Capps death a couple of years ago. Andy played on Built to Spill's classic "There's Nothing Wrong With Love" along with fellow Twin Falls transplants Doug Martsch and Brett Nelson. In Splinter Andy shared vocals with Elyse Thorpe (bass) and Trent McNair (guitar). I was surprised to learn that Splinter recorded three "albums" (probably cassettes) and some other tracks in the early 1990's. I know Andy and Elyse later played in 10th St. Hornets, and Andy played in Butterfly Train and the Falldowns.

Le Fleur - "Grooming Song"

Here's a new Boise band... this song is from the e.p. they released last year... and it kills. It reminds me of Lonesome Crowded West era Modest Mouse with an intense, delicate female vocal. Check these guys (and girl) out... I think Le Fleur are playing at the VAC on Sept. 3 with The Invasion and The Universal.

Caustic Resin - "Creedence Jam"

Caustic Resin was a Boise institution from the early 1990's into the 2000's... they are often associated with Built to Spill because Caustic guitarist and singer Brett Netson is often on their records and is now a permanent member. This song is from their outtakes record, The Afterbirth, and sounds like a mellow detour during the sessions for their monstrous, The Medicine is All Gone. This is the core line-up responsible for most of their recorded work Netson on guitar and vocals, Tom Romich on bass and James Dillion on drums.

Discoma - ".SEQ"

Discoma is the beguiling electronic music of Jake Hite who was been playing under this moniker since the mid 90's. Jake also pounded the skins for legendary Boise bands Graveltruck, Fury III and Lowbelly.

The Left Coast - "What? Nothing But Black?"

One of the best singles to come out of this town, in my humble opinion. The Left Coast were Craig Chambers vocals/guitar, Jeff Albertson vocals/bass, PJ Rogalski drums and Sean M. Lennon guitar. After ruling Boise and being labeled "kings of difficult listening" by the Weekly, the band, minus Lennon, moved to Seattle and morphed into the more minimal The Lights. The song by Albertson is quite the opposite of minimal... I'm not quite sure what it is about... goth girls? This single came out on Bug's 208 Records and was also on their Fort Hazel Magic casette release.

Lovey - "Pocket Girl"

I'm not sure if Lovey is still active, but I love this band. Co-frontwomen Gina Gregerson (Dirt Fisherman, fourgirldrive) and Anna Fell (Hive) plus drummer Judy Wheeler conjure powerpop gems with ease, but they ease off a bit for this smaller song. UPDATE: This just in... According to drummer Judy the band's newest cd is done and titled Should've Kissed You.

25 Wheeler - "Sinkhole"

This relatively short-lived band was comprised of Eddie Gutierrez on bass, Sam Counsil on drums and Rob Isozaki on guitar with all members sharing vocal duties (Ed is at the mic here). Not sure why they broke-up, but Ed and Sam moved on to Plumb Bob which later morphed into Sam's Central Boise Library (now Central City Music Company). Ed is now in Oakland performing as Ed G. Music Man. This song is from 25 Wheeler's 1998 cd "Your Shoes on My Feet."

Treepeope - "Hide and Find Out"

If Built to Spill is Boise best known indie band, Doug Martsch's earlier band, Treepeople, is probably our most legendary. 3/4 of the hardcore band State of Confusion switched things up a bit and added Martsch to create this seminal band. Scott Scmaljohn shared lead vocals and lead guitars with Martsch, Pat Brown played mean bass and Wayne Rhino Flower drummed frantically. This single is one Wayne Flower short of the original line-up (Eric Akre plays drums here), but it shows them at the height of their powers. A muscular bass line, a twin guitar attack and a spoonful of angst...

The Very Most - "Sod Off"

I think it is safe to say that The Very Most is Boise's preeminent indie pop band. On their latest record, Congratulations Forever, mastermind Jeremy Jensen and his rotating cast of Boise musicians have created a sweet, layered, hummable masterpiece. Jeremy's vocals would have sounded great on this song, but he shows his talent as a songwriter and producer by borrowing Boise singer Kris Doty to sing lead... the results are nearly perfect. The Very Most has solidified its current live unit and if you keep your eyes and ears open you should be able to find them on a stage near you. Oh, and get that cd. Jeremy Jensen also runs the Coming in Second record label.

The Suffocation Keep - "Bona Fide Regret"

Brett Nelson has long held the position of bass player in Built to Spill, but he's built up an impressive catalog of his own music with two albums each by Butterfly Train and The Suffocation Keep, plus his fantasic Suffocation Keep demos - Brett Not Netson - which alludes to the confusion between Brett Nelson and Brett Netson, who also plays in Built to Spill. This great track is from The Suffocation Keep's second record and FREE ONLINE DOWNLOAD A Few Minor Modifications of the Stars. The line-up for this album was Nelson on vocals, keyboard and guitar, Grady Kimsey on guitar, Scott Beazer on bass, Joe Hensley on drums and Jon Mullin on keyboards.

Narcissus Isthmus - Monrail

This band was active in the mid to late 90's in Boise and I never knew too much about them. I only caught Narcissus Isthmus live a couple of times and say their great pre-cursor My Mother the Iconoclast once, but I loved the two self-recorded, self-released cd's they put out. This song is the opener on their first lp, Mercator Projector. According to their myspace page two of the members moved to Portland and started a band called Case Study.

Geyser - "Man's Best Friend"

Geyser was comprised of 1/2 of the final Dirt Fisherman line-up (KT Shanafelt vocals, guitar and bass and Glenn Newkirk drums) and 2 members from a trio I saw perform as Stuffed Animals (Chris Bock vocals, guitar, bass and Anthony Richetella guitar). They were active in the late 1990's and played many shows alongside bands like Stuntman, The Left Coast and Slim. This is probably my favorite songs of theirs, both live and on tape... I think it is about greyhound racing, but Chris Bock's awesome double-tracked vocals and the "woo-hoo" vocal breaks will hook you. KT and Anthony are playing together again as Craters of the Moon.

el Dopamine - "Two + One"

This is the title track from el Dopamine's 1994 album on Anneliessa Balk's Screemin' Fez label. John O'Neil always performs in a suit... the man means business. Rock business. Here colleagues bassist Mike Waite and drummer Joe Hensley back Mr. O'Neil's ragged riffs and meandering leads. These guys were active in the mid 90's and then went into hibernation for awhile before resurfacing in 2006. I hope they are still on the "active" list.

Central Boise Library - "Car Sides"

Led by ex-Plumb Bob members Sam Counsil and Lorie Broumand Central Boise Library crafted a couple of albums worth of oddball pop and played a bunch of shows before departing for Portland and becoming Central City Music Company. Sam has returned to Boise... check out his stuff and catch a show if you can.

The Invasion - "The Madness"

I finally discovered The Invasion this year, or maybe they found me, but regardless I really dig these guys. They build their ambitious rock songs around guitarist/piano player Aaron Brown's pop songs and distinctive vocals and pull in influences from classical music and classic rock to create indie rock songs. The debut lp "How I learned to stop worrying and love the madness" was produced by local grammy-winning producer Art Hodge and has an epic sound. They swing from delicate and moody to jaunty pop to edgier guitar-based rock moments with ease. Check them out.

One Fantastic Bind - "Carbonation Sickness"

This 7" came with a sticker that said, "As seen in SPIN" - that still cracks me up. I wish these guys would have stuck around longer because the brothers Samuelson, Rick on bass/vocals and Mike on guitar/vocals, plus Meridian Steve Fisk on drums had a unique, raw sound. The vocal performance by Rick on this song is crazy... I think both Mike and Rick work at the Garden City Public Library.

Fury III - "Autumn Leaves"

This band was fronted by the guys who ran the Fort Hazel Magic label, Jeremy Miller and Tristan Andreas. The earlier incarnation of Fury III was a three-piece with Miller and Andreas switching between bass and guitar and sharing vocals. By the time they recorded their debut, Marco Polo, they were joined by bassist Debi Agenbroad and drummer Jake Hite. Miller, Andreas and Hite also played in Lowbelly.

Dirt Fishermen - "People in Trees"

Alongside Caustic Resin and Treepeople, Dirt Fisherman were one of the Boise bands from the early 90's to tour outside of Idaho and release a cd of Seattle's CZ Records. The Dirt Fisherman went from a jangly, college rock five-piece to a tighter, fuzzier four-piece over the course of their life. This is the first track from their debut album, Glenn's Car. The line-up is David Grapp, Gina Gregerson and KT Shnafelt on vocals and guitar and Dan Krejci on bass and Glenn Newkirk on drums.

Built to Spill - "Lie for a Lie"

This band really needs no introduction. Led by Doug Martsch, Built to Spill have recorded five albums, a singles comp, an ep and a live record. It's easy to forget that this band set the blueprint for NW indie pop and wrote blank checks for Death Cab and the Shins to take to the bank. This track is from their first album, Ultimate Alternative Wavers on Seattle's CZ Records.

G. America - "Rocket"

Grant Olsen led the three piece rock trio, Grant Ave. through the early and mid 1990's before writing a batch of songs on a piano and turning into G. America. His 1999 album Fake Love found Grant stretching his sound and creating some quirky piano pop with his Dylanesque vocals riding on top. This track, despite it's organ-y bookends is one of the albums rockers and actually features the Grant Ave. line-up of Mike Stivers bass and Ryan Heise drums.

Graveltruck - "Yes Again"

This is one of those classic Boise bands that I don't know a lot about... I believe they were active in the early 90's. I saw them once and remember that they played an cool cover of Liz Phair's "Divorce Song" ... I had a class with bassist JR Marson a couple of years later and he gave me a copy of their 1994 Screemin' Fez release "Gives Me The Creeps". David Lenz played guitar and sang, Jake Hite (see Discoma above) played drums.

Falldowns - "Belt Loop"

This Boise group was comprised of veterans Eric Penny (guitar/vocals) and Andy Capps (drums/vocals) who had played together in an incarnation of Butterfly Train, along with bassist Matt Perkins from Godzounds. This is from their terrific, but too short Trafalgar cd which was produced by Seattle producer Phil Ek (Built to Spill, Band of Horses, Modest Mouse).

State of Confusion - "I-84"

This band is from way before my time, but 3/4 of this band went on to become the Treepeople, so they are worth a listen. The Schmaljohn brothers, Pat and Scott, lead the attack on vocals and guitar, respectively, and Wayne Rhino Flower plays the bass. Textbook hardcore, but it is interesting to hear the roots of a whole slew of bands: Treepeople, Violent Green, Built to Spill, Stuntman, Halo Benders, The Hand, etc.

Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive - "no more nu wave"

Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive was the title of a classic Beat Happening song and the recording name of Nampa/Boise artist Elijah Jensen. This track is from his extremely lo-fi collection, Central Canyon. Pajama Party released a handful of cd's, got a review on and went through a couple of different line-ups during their lifespan and then Elijah resurfaced as The Unicorn Feather and now With Child.

Bovalexia - "Ginger"

It seems like Bovalexia has been around for most of the 2000's with their pop/heavy rock. I like the way singer/guitarist Tod switches from his regular singing voice to his scream/holler... not unlike a certain N-band that no small band should probably be compared to. This is from their 2007 record, When Good Went Bad. This band is really fun and always entertaining.

Butterfly Train - "Undiseased"

Another old band of Brett Nelson (The Suffocation Keep, Built to Spill). This incarnation of Butterfly Train featured Nelson on vocals, guitar and bass, Eric Penny on guitar and vocals on a couple tracks, Andy Capps on drums and Ambrose Richardson on bass. This is from their second UP Records release, Distorted, Retarded, Peculiar.

Booth Sitter - "Those Are Not Real Monsters, Just Robot Parts"

Singer/guitarist Brian Mayer has fronted H is for Hector, 10th St. Hornets, Mayerforceone and now Mayerforceone Academy of Arts and Sciences. This band was Brian and Judy Wheeler from Lovey. This is looong song, but stays true to it's hook and doesn't wear out it's welcome...  great melodies and singing, rad title.  From the Idaho Greentracks compilation from the Idaho Green Party.

Black Happy - "Dry and Confused"

If I saw a band described as a 9-piece rock band with horns now I'd probably cringe, but when Coeur d'Alene's Black Happy dropped a box of 7" records off in Lewiston in the late 80's and then played a couple of shows there (no bands played Lewiston!) they won over a legion of fans... me included. This may have been one of the first, if not THE first, vinyl singles I ever purchased. I'm not a big fan of their later material, but I love their debut single and album. They didn't like being called funk and that label doesn't account for their hardrock/metallic guitar sound, but they were... well... funky. This song served as their introduction and borrowed some lines from a Public Enemy song.

Sugar Daddies - "Lewiston, ID"

How could I not include an anthem about the town where I went to high school? The Sugar Daddies featured Jeff Albertson (The Left Coast, The Lights) on bass and vocals and Dan Beloit (Seattle's The Valley) on guitar and vocals. They morphed into Gow and released a cassette before splitting. This is from the same FEED records 7" as Raspberry's "Twin".

The Treatment - "Built for Love"

Fronted by Scott Schmaljohn (Treepeople, Stuntman, The Hand) and Angela Schmaljohn (Doublewide), The Treatment married insistent driving rock with danceable groves... The Treatment had a few different line-ups including Boise musicians Chris Bock, Jason Serna and Dave Redford. Although this band is defunct the Schmaljohns have started a new band called Gladness featuring Boise guitarist Eric Penny (Butterfly Train, Falldowns) and the drummer for the punk band Moral Crux.

Clock - "Plan D"

Another band I only saw a couple of times and heard their records after the band had split. Their textured, dynamic rock reminds me a bit of Pinback. Not sure what happened to all the members, but singer Leviethan Cecil is making music in Portland and later member Thomas Paul plays around Boise as a solo artist and has been in several bands.

Bock - "All Alone"

Chris Bock was the singer/guitarist/bassist for Geyser (and played in other earlier bands like Big Mud Wagon). His solo material as Bock is bit lighter and looser than the full band assault of Geyser. For his first album he was backed by Grant Olsen on piano and Ryan Heise on drums. Chris played with The Hand and The Treatment in the last few years and is now playing the Bock material and new songs with drummer Jason Serna as Revolt! Revolt!

Caustic Resin - "Station"

See Caustic Resin entry above. This song actually works better on the album (The Medicine is All Gone) where it flows into "Mysteries of..." but I thought it would be funny to play "Station" before the station ID.

The Unicorn Feather - "Math Rock"

I also thought it would be goofy to play "Math Rock" after a Hard Math station ID. Unicorn Feather is Elijah Jensen - see Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive above.

The Halo Benders - "Sit On it"

The Halo Benders are really more of a NW supergroup than a Boise band, but three of their members, Doug Martsch, Wayne Flower and Ralf Youtz are originally from Idaho and have played in important Boise bands... so they are in. Of course, that deep voice belongs to Olympia, WA's Calvin Johnson, legendary singer of Beat Happening and head honcho of K Records. I've heard rumors of a new Halo Bender record after a reunion show last year, but I don't think anything has happened yet. This song is from their 1994 debut, God Don't Make No Junk.

Kid Corduroy - "Make Believe"

Another release from Screemin' Fez records. Kid Corduroy was a long running, underappreciated Boise band throughout the nineties. They were comprised of Ian Waters guitar/vocals, Dave Wall bass and Mike Rundle drums. Although Rundle played in several bands at once  - most Boise musicians usually played in more than one group - Kid Corduroy ended when Wall and Rundle became the rhythm section for System & Station and relocated to Madison, WI. Ian has played solo shows and released an ep, he has also played with Kris Doty.