Monday, August 18, 2008

8-19-08 playlist

Hi. Thanks for tuning in for WEEK III. There were a few new bands in the mix this week like Hillfolk Noir and fourgirldrive... I'll introduce them as they appear.

The Yukon and You - “Alien Girl”

Early Jeremy Jensen (The Very Most) band active in the mid-90's, featuring Jensen on guitar and vocals, wife Sarin Jensen on bass and Josh Royter on drums.

The Suffocation Keep - “Some Sad Song”

Low-Fi - “Where You Are”

Chris Bock - “Connie”

Hillfolk Noir - “Samantha Evans”

This band is led by Travis Ward who has played around Boise for several years refining his boxcar blues as Travis Ward and the Junkyard Bandstand. Hillfolk Noir features Ward on guitar and vocals, wife Alison Ward on  "cocktail kit” and vocals, Sam Merrick (Juan Fangio, Hive, Nymphs) on baritone guitar and vocals and Mike Waite (el Dopamine, Lowbelly) on stand-up bass.

Caustic Resin - “Cable”

Boneflower - “1600 Miles”

Yet another inclusion from the Screemin’ Fez Rotating Tongues comp... which I don't have in front of me, but I know this band featured ex-Dirt Fisherman David Grapp on guitar/vocals and local photographer/longtime Neurolux bartender Rick Kosarich on bass. This is the only track I have by this band... not sure if more exist.

Flycatcher - “Light as a Feather”

This mid-90's Moscow band features Craig Chambers on guitar/vocals and Jeff Albertson on bass/vocals... the duo moved to Boise and formed The Left Coast before mutating into The Lights in Seattle.

Le Fleur - “Truce”

Fury III - “Boy Named Dog”

Morningly - “In a purple shoebox”

I may have seen these guys perform an opening spot somewhere along the way, but only recently picked up their disc. (I highly recommend checking out the local used section at the RX for great steals on many of the cd's featured on this show). I figured you can't go wrong with something on the Fort Hazel label and I was right... This was my favorite song on first listen.

fourgirldrive - “Country Jail”

More For Hazel alumni. fourgirldrive was a band led by Gina Gregerson between her time in Dirt Fisherman and Lovey... though not quite as focused or tight as either of those bands, fourgirldrive were always fun to listen to and watch. Gregerson played guitar and shared vocal duties with bassist Patty Payton and second guitarist Heather Ganz. I can't remember the name of the girl who played drums here, but their earlier incarnation as Simple featured Fury III’s Tristan Andreas.

Crogan - “Put Down”

Stuntman - “Nose Dive”

Splinter - “Cows Over Tokyo”

Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive - “The Day She Died”

Black Happy - “Up the Faith”

Treepeople - “Wasted on You”

El Dopamine - “Tied Hands”

25 Wheeler - “Duped”

Central Boise Library - “Cousin Martha”

Discoma - “Just the Eyes”

The Left Coast - “I Want to Hurt Someone”

Narcissus Isthmus - “Shelbyville”

Shack Nasty - “Down”

This Lewiston, ID-Clarkston, WA band from the early 1990's featured singer/bassist Dan Beloit and drummer Jim Laws... 2/3 of Seattle's The Valley. Catch them at Bumbershoot at the end of this month if you are up North.

Butterfly Train - “What's Falling About”

Kris Doty - “Idaho Skies”

Jeremy from Boise - “Quilt”

This Boise Jeremy would be Jeremy Miller of Fury III, Lowbelly, Monster Dudes and the Fort Hazel record label. This great little tune garnered one of my favorite bits of Idaho Statesman criticism: “Harmless, but mildly disturbing" - a phrase that applies to some of the music columns run in that paper over the years. Jeremy from Boise previously recored under the Bukowski-inspired moniker, a Radio with Guts. Jeremy also has a great show on KBSU 730 AM (Sunday Noon in the Boise area)... it is also available each week as a podcast: There Are Millions

The Unicorn Feather - “Turn Up The Love”

Brett Netson Family - “God is Wrong”

Some BRAND NEW material from Brett Netson (Caustic Resin, Built to Spill, Reversion). I'm not sure of the personnel, but I think David Grapp (see Boneflower above) helped out. Thanks to Dave and Kelly B. for sharing.

The Treatment - “Longest Night”

The Invasion - “The Interview and The Arguement”

Bovalexia - “Kabuki”

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