Sunday, July 5, 2009

7-7-09 playlist

“We Live Too Long” - Netson Family
“Mollican” - Juntura
“Cumulous Could…Thunderhead” - Godzoundz (this may not have loaded - sad face)
“Mick Mars always wears a hat” - Lowbelly
“Game Face” - Stuntman
“Yukon and You” - The Yukon and You
“Twelve” - Magnetics
“Untrustable Part 2 (About Someone Else)” - Built To Spill
“Leaves And Limbs” - Narcissus Isthmus
“Right” - Kid Corduroy
“Goin' On” - Low-Fi
“Girl” - Raspberry
“Liars And Thieves” - The Invasion
“The Great Cover-Up” - Fury III
“Calling Off The Dogs” - Caustic Resin
“Size of a Quarter ” - Treepeople
“Spiritual Music Recorded at a Persian Snowman ” - Plumb Bob
“Moving Picture” - A Seasonal Disguise
“Tons To Regret” - Tuck Nelson
“Jet Boy Jet Girl” - Haggis
“Devil City Destiny” - The Halo Benders
“Sugarbuzz” - The Treatment
“Greenwich” - Dirt Fishermen
“The Only Pretty Ring Time” - The Very Most
“The Nile Song” - Central Boise Library
“Variety” - Splinter
“Unwind” - Freak In A Jar
“Working Title” - Clock
“title unknown” - The Pugs

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