Monday, November 10, 2008

11-11-08 playlist

The Left Coast - “What? Nothing But Black?”
La Knots - “Swisherbong”
Caustic Resin - “Longdrive Jam”
Bovalexia - “Complicated”
Geyser - “Running Around”
Low-Fi - “Where You Are”
Raspberry - “My Brother Pat”
Built to Spill - “You Were Right”
The Universal - “Beware the Sun”
Shack Nasty - “If She”
Lowbelly - “Sharks Among Us”
Le Fleur - “Ceramic Dog”
Splinter - “Gone Again”
The Suffocation Keep - “Jet Stream”
Discoma - “Powder On My Lips”
Boise Cover Band - “Chain Gang (Pretenders cover)”
Bonefish Sam and His Power Orchestra - “Wonky-Wonky”
Caustic Resin - “Man From Michigan”
Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive - “Over”
Stuntman - “Miles”
Juan Fangio - “The Lesbian Problem”
Kid Corduroy - “Ball Valve”
Skidfish - “Disconnected”
Kris Doty - “Whale”
Brett Netson Family - “Track 9”
H is for Hector - “Sleepcrawl”
State of Confusion - “Silence”
Butterfly Train - “Dog Day”
Lovey - “Didn't Mean To”
Grant Ave - “Saving Grace”
The Invasion - “Death and Life”
el Dopamine - “Hidden Track”
Halo Benders - “Snowfall”
Treepeople - “Wha'D I Mean To Think You Said”

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