Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hard Math Radio 11-17-09 playlist & podcast

“We Live Too Long” - Netson Family
“Without You” - Lovey
“Prostitute” - Treepeople
“Look Out Below” - Pete Holly And The Looks
“Geology” - Finn Riggins
“Sample” - Geyser
“She Broke” - Juan Fangio
“Game Face” - Stuntman
“Tell Me Were You Blind?” - Godzoundz
“shelbyville” - Narcissus Isthmus
“How? (Now)” - Sleepy Seeds
“Wacky…Zany!” - The Yukon and You
“Silver Scooter” - Crogan
“Sunday Drive” - A Seasonal Disguise
“You're So White, Are You Snow Or Sand?” - Grant Avenue
“After All” - Splinter
“titans” - Juntura
“Fall Inside” - The Hand
“The Madness” - The Invasion
“The Infection” - ReVoLtReVoLt
“Grey” - Butterfly Train
“The Roof Of The Church Next Door” - The Unicorn Feather
“Russian Wanted” - Plumb Bob
“Sympathy For The Past” - Tuck Nelson
“Iceman” - Le Fleur
“Bugs” - Caustic Resin
“No Direction” - Haggis
“Gettin' Hit On” - Young People With Faces
“House Mate” - eL Dopamine
“Rock Sniper” -  H is for Hector
“Picture Window” - Fury III
“Undressing In The Wind” - With Child
“N. of Appalachia” - Hillfolk Noir
“Stay Another Day” - Spondee
“Stay” - Doug Martsch

Podcast: Hour One | Hour Two

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