Sunday, November 1, 2009

11-03-09 playlist + podcast

“Battered Boat” - A Man Called Sun
“Vs. Birds” -  Finn Riggins
“Spring Song” - La Knots
“All Alone” - ReVoLtReVoLt
“Yeah Yeah” - Young People With Faces
“Silence” - State of Confusion
“Foggy Bottom” - The Halo Benders
“Feltung Grey” - Nollifur
“smoking jack” - Lowbelly
“SEQ” - Discoma
“carol channing's blank stare of horror” - Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive
“Mofo Connection” - Pete Holly
“Girlfriend” - Kris Doty
“Let Me Get This Straight” - Central Boise Library
“Kicking Myself” - Eightball Break
“By the Way” - Built To Spill
“Apartments” - Geyser
“Chakra Fight” - The Yukon and You
“2/4” - A Seasonal Disguise
“Vertigo” - Universal
“Lazerbeam/Flamegrape” - Treepeople
“Nag Unit” - Gordie Howe Trio Unit
“Niacin” - Caustic Resin
“Watch” - The Hand
“Dustcloud” - Royball
“January Keys” - Juntura
“Herpes Of The Mouth” - Dirt Fishermen
“You're In Love With The Sun” - The Very Most
“Longest Night” - The Treatment
“miss k.” - Lovey
“Years Too Late At Least For Now” - The Suffocation Keep
“Be My Test Tube Baby” - The Zekes
“Aviator” - Le Fleur
“Plagerized Evening” - Hillfolk Noir

podcast: Hour One | Hour Two

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