Monday, August 31, 2009

9-15-09 playlist and podcast

[Due to ongoing tech difficulties I'm offering the show as a podcast for your downloading or streaming pleasure: click for HOUR ONE or HOUR TWO. thanks for your patience]

Howdy Hard Math Listeners! Boy, do we have a treat for you this week. Two Treats. One new track from What Doesn't Kill You (Tries Again), the new album from The Hand, and an approved leak from the forthcoming Finn Riggin's record Vs. Wilderness.

On a technical note... the show seems to have been playing a bit more consistently the past couple of weeks. I'm going to skip the podcast this week, but I'll leave last week’s up if anyone wants some on-demand Idaho rock.

“G Sharp Minor” - ATTN
“Bad News” - The Unicorn Feather
“Ad Campaigns” - Treepeople
“Orange Marmalade” - Clock
“Fleeting Protons” - Universal
“Dali” - Finn Riggins
“Love And Boredom” - Graveltruck
“Inbread Heart” - The Halo Benders
“Lovelorn Robot” - Spondee
“Solitary Vowels” - Falldowns
“Ghost vs Real Person” - The Left Coast
“The Interview And The Argument” - The Invasion
“The Tangles” - La Knots
“another monday” - Lovey
“Cheap Gear Jam” - Bonefish Sam And His Power Orchestra
“Razorsharp Hormones” - Freak In A Jar
“All Alone” - Bock
“Fake Love” - G. America
“Come Back” - Ian Waters
“The Source” - Built To Spill
“Undressing In The Wind” - With Child
“Turns for the Worst” - Crogan
“Today It is Even Better (Nonstop Everything's String Theory Mix)” - The Very Most
“Mollican” - Juntura
“Alien Fugue” - Caustic Resin
“How could I” - The Hand
“27” - Dirtboy
“Country Jail” - fourgirldrive
“Sweat” - Godzoundz
“She's Dead” - Haggis
“Open Mouth” - Le Fleur
“His Hands Are Made of Fire” - Gordie Howe Trio Unit
“Bubbles” - Doublewide
“Song For An Obituary” - Dirt Fishermen
“The Overdose” - Tuck Nelson
“the world is drunk” - Lowbelly
“Caroline, No” - Central Boise Library

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