Monday, August 3, 2009

8-04-09 Portable Hard Math Radio

Hey Fearless listeners... as some of you have noticed my show hasn’t been playing (or playing well) during its regular timeslot on ... I’m working to fix it, but for now the machines are winning. If you tune in today and Hard Math IS playing it will be the 7-21-09 playlist... but here is a podcast version for your on-demand or take-it-with-you listening! Click to load and listen or right-click/ctl-click to start download (57 mb file). It is a condensed version of the aforementioned playlist.

“Dry and Confused” - Black Happy
“Car Sides” - Central Boise Library
“Golden Age” - ReVoLtReVoLt
“The Devil” - Stuntman
“LIght as a Feather” - Flycatcher
“Sod Off” - The Very Most
“Lovelorn Robot” - Spondee
“I Like Robots Unit” - Gordie Howe Trio Unit
“Hide and Find Out” - Treepeople
“Baby” - Kris Doty
“Brother ” - Le Fleur
“monorail” - Narcissus Isthmus
“life left dear” - One Fantastic Bind
“Emperor Of San Francisco” - The Invasion
“My Brother Pat” - Raspberry
“Cannons and Daggers” - La Knots
“boddering” - eL Dopamine
“Some Amazing Mistake” - The Suffocation Keep
“Modern Man” - Ian Waters

I'd like to extend my condolences to some local musician friends, Jeremy and Elijah Jensen, who lost their mother Kris in a tragic car accident this weekend. The same accident put Elijah in the hosptial. Hard Math hopes for a speedy recovery for Elijah, his brother and father and my heart goes out to them in their time of loss.

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