Monday, April 20, 2009

4-21-09 playlist

After what seems like a long incubation the Rotating Tongues:2 comp is out and this week's show will feature several tracks. The two disc cd is packed full of good stuff, but I decided to start with some bands that I haven't had tracks to play on Hard Math in the past: Nollifur, Juntura and ATTN. I've met some of the people in these bands, but I'll let their music speak for itself... click on the links to hear more and find out more about each. Juntura will be playing a show with a couple little local bands called Finn Riggins and Built to Spill.  A Seasonal Disguise makes their debut on the show this week.... led by The Very Most's Zach Von House, their self-titled debut record is full of indie folk goodness. Also new to the show this week is Bacchanalia... a Moscow, ID folk band that accounts for the whereabouts of another Very Most member, Gia Trotter, in the mid-90's. Gia also hosts Go Northwest Young Man on (1 pm on Sundays, 2 pm on Thursday). As if that weren't enough... The Very Most themselves have a new split cd out with Portland's Lion and Eagles.... and another new Universal track... whew... It's pretty exciting that I'm 30-some shows in and still adding new bands and finding new things to hear from the past. THANKS to all the Idaho musicians who appear on the show and DOUBLE THANKS to those of you who have sent tracks or burned discs of material for the show!

“Feltung Grey” - Nollifur
“Bastard” - Stone Garden
“Graceful Growth” - With Child
“Hard To Love A Man (Who Loves His Guitar)” - Pete Holly
“bitter like this” - Butterfly Train
“Inversion Valley” - Juntura
“What, Nothing But Black?” - The Left Coast
“Poison Mask” - Septic Death
“song five” - Bacchanalia
“Won't You Hibernate With Me?” - A Seasonal Disguise
“Meow” - Geyser
“Fall Polar State” - Narcissus Isthmus
“All Filing” - Caustic Resin
“Func” - Discoma
“Morningly theme” - Morningly
“P.P. & T.C.” - Treepeople
“My Last Song To You” - Tuck Nelson
“True Love Will Find You In The End” - The Very Most
“Sell Your Mother” - Dirt Fishermen
“Want to Will” - Godzoundz
“Magic Carpet Rider” - The Halo Benders
“I know that you're okay” - Monster Dudes
“Once Enlisted” - Lowbelly
“Grease Fire” - Doublewide
“Bike” - Magnetics
“Sam Cooke” - Grant Avenue
“Make Believe” - Kid Corduroy
“You Are” - Built To Spill
“G Sharp Minor” - ATTN
“I'd Eat Crow” - Universal
“Cars N' Freud” - Royball
“Track 5” - Piso Mojado

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