Monday, April 6, 2009

4-07-09 playlist

I'm pleased to announce that I get to debut an exclusive track from the forthcoming album from The Universal this week... I got treated to a preview of about 90% of said record and it is THE SHIT. It was hard to select a track from the album's many highlights, but I'll let the one I chose speak for itself. Maybe I'll play another one next week. ALSO I'm pleased to be playing a track from The Very Most's Spring ep on Indiecater Records.... can't wait for Summer, Fall and Winter! New to this show this week is Thomas Paul whose debut cd "House on Fire" is just out... Thomas has played supporting roles in many local bands including Clock and currently in the revitalized eL Dopamine, but he's carved out his own niche as a hardworking solo performer. A solo performer that this shut-in has yet to see live. Shall we remedy that and you and me will meet in some non-smoky bar to catch one of his sets soon? One last note... I'm playing a track by an old local band called Draw this week. Draw were most notable for having Built to Spill cellist John McMahon in their ranks and they got a couple of sweet opening spots for BTS in the early 00's. They didn't do much for me, but I gave their disc a spin and couldn't help playing their goofy ode to Lawrence, Kansas were some of my family lives... I know kids who made the same trek to find William Burroughs that they sing about in their song (and it is fun to play non-Tom Petty songs with references to smoking joints on the radio).

Bring on the SPRING:

“Woke Up This Morning With My Mind On Jesus” - Doug Martsch
“April Is The Kindest Month” - The Very Most
“Connie” - Chris Bock
“Same Signs” - Red Set
“Glove Comprtmnt ” - Finn Riggins
“Honey Melon” - Doublewide
“Watch” - Stuntman
“Beakless Bird” - The Nobs
“Watch the Freak Twitch” - Gordie Howe Trio Unit
“Message To Shareholders” - Caustic Resin
“It's a Beautiful Day” - Stone Garden
“mudlavalava...mudlavamudmud” - The Universal
“Gore Story” - Septic Death
“Memory Man” - Humorgod
“Bullmonkey” - Black Happy
“Cops” - Dirt Fishermen
“Fastdance (Queen Of The Scene, Part II)” - Eightball Break
“I-84” - State of Confusion
“Inflateable” - Discoma
“Summer's Indiscretion” - Thomas Paul
“Lawrence, Kansas” - Draw
“Just A Habit” - Built To Spill
“The Give Up” - Flycatcher
“eXtension (alternate version)” - eL Dopamine
“July” - Splinter
“Sweet Cancun” - Spondee
“Naked” - Graveltruck
“Amend Me” - With Child
“Bottle Of Beer” - Olsen, Grant
“Ancient Light” - Fury III
“Were All Going Down” - Tuck Nelson
“1,000,01” - The Suffocation Keep
“Minimum Wage” - Plumb Bob
“Why Are You Burying Me?” - Hillfolk Noir
“All Eyes Open” - Clock

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