Monday, October 12, 2009

10-13-09 playlist

New to the show this week are Colorado transplants, Sleepy Seeds, who made a wise decision to move to Boise and share a winter blanket with Built to Spill and The Very Most. Podcast links b-low the playlist.

“Say So Long” - Caustic Resin
“Aeroplane” - Geyser
“Man Gets Jealous; Finds Jesus” - Clock
“Temporary Setback” - eL Dopamine
“Same Diseases” - Ian Waters
“Different” - Sleepy Seeds
“Bona Fide Regret” - The Suffocation Keep
“Strange (The Delusions)” - Boise Cover Band
“Shaky” - Finn Riggins
“december, '94” - decoy decoy
“Svelte” - Discoma
“Don't Touch My Bikini” - The Halo Benders
“Tell Me Were You Blind?” - Godzoundz
“John Sinclair” - Gordie Howe Trio Unit
“Meet at the End” - Treepeople
“After the War” - Bock
“Bonefish Wedding March” - Bonefish Sam And His Power Orchestra
“Done” - Built To Spill
“Bulb” - Le Fleur
“The Mangler's Concern” - Fury III
“Vroom” - fourgirldrive
“Twice” - The Hand
“UV Science And Magick” - Universal
“I Wanna Hurt Someone” - The Left Coast
“Fallin'” - Magnetics
“Ghostly Gangs” - The Unicorn Feather
“Spring Song” - La Knots
“Pocket Girl” - Lovey
“Making the Case for Me” - The Very Most
“Distorted, Retarded, Peculiar” - Butterfly Train
“We were ghosts” - G. America
“Metro” - Morningly

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