Monday, May 11, 2009

5-12-09 playlist

Listen for a new track by Tuck Nelson of La Knots and hear lots of good stuff along the way...

“22nd Street” - Plumb Bob
“the giraffe and elephant” - Lowbelly
“Transitional Devices” - Treepeople
“Live, Conquer, Unite” - The Pugs
“Pretended” - Dirt Fishermen
“Lovelorn Robot” - Spondee
“Big Lake” - Falldowns
“Big Dipper” - Built To Spill
“Road Song” - A Man Called Sun
“Lets Share Some Blood” - Tuck Nelson
“Bareable” - Universal
“Some Sad Song” - The Suffocation Keep
“Noodle Casserole ” - Bonefish Sam & His Orchestra
“The Plumest” - Finn Riggins
“Drone” - Caustic Resin
“O, So & So” - With Child
“Push Thru” - Glow
“The Hand” - The Hand
“Sticks” - Gordie Howe Trio Unit
“Phantom Power” - The Halo Benders
“Problem With The Truth” - Gusto
“shelbyville” - Narcissus Isthmus
“Tell Me About it Stub” - fourgirldrive
“Track 06” - Bacchanalia
“Untitled” - Discoma
“*69” - Haggis
“Slaves” - Stuntman
“she's not in” - Lovey
“Wish” - Size of Alaska
“Spawn of Satan” - Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive
“Same Diseases” - Ian Waters
“Pictures You Made” - A Seasonal Disguise
“Rock N' Roll Street” - Pete Holly

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