Monday, December 29, 2008

12-30-08 & 1-02-09 playlist

One last show of 2008 on Tuesday and first of 2009 on Friday. This week features the introduction of The Skulldiggers, a Boise punk band circa 1984 featuring Brad Angell of the Pugs (see previous playlist). We also have more goodness from Fort Hazel's Jeremy who shared selections from Lowbelly's newest creation, "X", with me. Highly recommended.

H is for Hector - “No Go”
Lowbelly - “Make this Circuit”
Finn Riggins - “Hraka”
The Halo Benders - “Bury Me”
Black Happy - “3-Day Weekend”
Freak in a Jar - “Kick Your Momma When She's Down”
Central Boise Library - “Molehill into a Mountain”
fourgirldrive - “Vroom”
Butterfly Train - “Rain”
The Very Most - “Bleess”
The Zekes - “Let's Have a Party”
La Knots - “Cannons and Daggers”
The Skulldiggers - “Green-Fleshed Zombies”
Dirtboy - “Stung”
Caustic Resin - “Healing Cough”
Graveltruck - “Cousin It”
Treepeople - “No Doubt”
Fury III - “Flying Dog Vomit”
Dirt Fishermen - “Lost Country Fair”
Ian Waters - “Jet Plane”
G. America - “This is the Sound”
Splinter - “Speak of Moons”
The Unicorn Feather - “Bad News”
The Left Coast - “Predating the Existence of Cancer”
State of Confusion - “MX”
Geyser - “Sample”
The Hand - “Fall Inside”
The Invasion - “Homecoming”
El Dopamine - “Snare”
Crogan - “Call You Up”
Brett Netson Family - “Title TBD 5”
Discoma - “Paramecium”
Stuntman - “Before Going Under”
Brandon Follet - “Unreleased 14”
Built to Spill - “nowhere nothin' fuck-up (live)”
System and Station - “For the Pawns”

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