Monday, October 20, 2008

10-21-08 Episode...

Show #10. Every week when I compile a new show I'm amazed by the wealth of great Idaho music that I have to pick from. So far I haven't repeated any tracks and I think the last few shows are every bit as good as the first. That's 20 HOURS so far of Hard Math and great music from this state.  Since my listenership is still pretty small I'm going to start letting myself repeat tracks which will help me keep some newer bands with fewer releases in regular rotation and allow me to repeat the same classic Raspberry 7 inch every week if I get the urge.

Hard Math - “Stachetober Theme”
Caustic Resin - “Summertime Of Your Life”
Fury III - “Cowboy Blend”
Bonefish Sam And His Power Orchestra - “Struttin' Along And Then Something Neat Happens”
Bovalexia - “Got It Goin On”
Finn Riggins - “Box Elder”
Stuntman - “Wax Pattern”
fourgirldrive - “Snake”
Built to Spill - “Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup”
Central Boise Library - “Only a Boise Song”
Flycathcer - “Blue”
Bock - “Dead by Christmas”
Raspberry - “Treepoison”
Geyser - “Stung”
Splinter - “Red Ball”
Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive - “anit-mathematics”
A Man Called Sun - “Someone”
Hillfolk Noir - “Butcher In The Cemetary”
Treepeople - “Handcuffs”
Freak in a Jar - “Meaningless Ramble”
Butterfly Train - “Chocolate”
The Yukon and You - “French Song”
Plumb Bob - “Napolean Strike”
Stuntman - “Just Don't”
Dirt Fishermen - “Hole Song"
G. America - “You and Your Sister”
The Suffocation Keep - “Except for This”
Juan Fangio - “She Broke”
The Halo Benders - “Halo Bender”
Kris Doty - “Lemonade”
Caustic Resin - “Hate In Your…”
Dirtboy - “Fred Went to Texas”

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