Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Bands...

So as I prepare for my first show I thought I'd share this list of bands that will be appearing on my show. I don't think I'll get to everyone in the first show... it may take a few shows. Bands with multiple records will probably get played more than a band with one 7" or compilation track, but I'll try to mix it up. Here's some of the bands you'll hear me play:

Black Happy, Bock, Bone Flower, Bonefish Sam, Booth Sitter, Bovalexia, Built to Spill, Butterfly Train, Caustic Resin, Central Boise Library, Clock, Crogan, Dirt Fisherman, Dirtboy, Discoma, el Dopamine, Falldowns, Fly Catcher, fourgirldrive, Fury III, G. America, Geyser, Glow, Godzoundz, Grant Avenue, Graveltruck, Gusto, H is for Hector, The Halo Benders, The Hand, Hive, Ian Waters, The Invasion, Kid Corduroy, Kris Doty, Le Fleur, The Left Coast, Lovey, Low-Fi, Lowbelly, Narcissus Isthmus, One Fantastic Bind, Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive, Plumb Bob, Racing Vent, A Radio with Guts, Raspberry, Shack Nasty, Shamus, Splinter, State of Confusion, Stuntman, The Suffocation Keep, Sugar Daddies, The Treatment, Treepeople, The Unicorn Feather, The Universal, The Very Most, The Yukon and You, 25 Wheeler and more!

More will be added to this list and I'm open for suggestions... just beware that I'm running the show and it's based on my tastes... so this probably isn't going to turn into the Boise Metal Show or Jason's Emo Hour (but there's probably room somewhere for those shows on BCR!) 

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Mary McCrevy said...

I can't wait to hear your show! And it will be even sweeter to hear it over the air waves someday soon.